Our focus on Languedoc-Roussillon is well-founded: the innovative attitude of its growers and producers, the consequent wide range of grape varieties planted, the large volumes produced that constrain prices, but not quality, and thus the great value for money available. Gone are the days of excessive yields and poor vineyard and cellar practices. The whites are fresh, dry and exciting, and bring different tastes and flavours to the market – witness the success of Picpoul de Pinet. The reds combine the quality of classic varieties, particularly Syrah, with the interest of old-fashioned types such as Carignan when allied with ancient hillside rootstocks and low yields. Yes, there are still large-volume producers (after all Languedoc-Roussillon produces more wine than the whole of Australia) but they are best left to the supermarkets – our interest is with the smaller producers proud to put their names to the wines they produce.

In the 2016 Budget the Chancellor resumed his upward increase in excise duty which, with related VAT, now amounts to £2.50 on every bottle, regardless of price. After adding the costs of the bottle, label and transport, and attendant 20% VAT, plus the fixed costs of the producer and retailer, there’s very little left in a £6 bottle for the wine itself. By spending a couple of pounds more, you get so much more quality in your glass. We left our prices unchanged in 2015 but small increases have been necessary this year to cope with the lower exchange rate early in the year, pre-Brexit. The subsequent post-Brexit vote fall in Sterling against the Euro may mean further rises in future years, so stock up now!

Our minimum order quantity is six bottles, but you are free to mix and match as you like. In general, within the area of North East Cheshire and Greater Manchester, from Knutsford to Rochdale and from Warrington to the Lancashire/Cheshire Pennines, we will deliver to your door at a cost of £5. Orders over £150 will be delivered free of charge. Outside this area we will charge at cost - we will obtain a quote from the carrier and agree it with you prior to shipment. We aim to deliver within a week of receiving your order.

If you have any questions please call either of us:

John 07802 917610 or Andrew 07939 288644

There are several ways you can order:

By telephone to either John or Andrew with your requirements
By completing an order form and sending it with your cheque, made payable to 34Wines, to:

PO Box 638
WA14 3XN

You can view our full wine list here then download an order form in either Excel or PDF format. The Excel order form will calculate the prices for you, while the PDF order form is suitable for printing out and filling in.

If you are a member of a social group, we would be delighted to put on a wine-tasting for you – see the Wine Tasting page for details.